Welcome To Doon Film School
Admissions open for session 2017 – 2018

To launch a successful film career, you need technique, experience, and a professional network, and Film Production at Srilok is dedicated to giving you exactly that. At Srilok, you learn from the experts while living and breathing filmmaking for one amazingly intense year. You collaborate, broaden your creative horizons, and zero in on your career. You arrive at Srilok as someone who likes to make films – you graduate a filmmaker

At Srilok, you’re immersed in production throughout your year. Right out of the gate, you’re leading and crewing films that incorporate increasingly advanced technical demands, and sophisticated short film projects that form the heart of your professional reel. Along with regular workshops and on-set intensives, these films combine to create a body of experience – and a way to apply everything you learn in Film Production.

Course Details

Title: Film Making

Duration: 1 year (2 Semesters)

Centre: Dehradun

Nowadays, anybody can get a camera, make a movie, and find a modest audience – it’s a great first step. Srilok is about taking it to the next level, What you will learn will enable you to be a confident creative professional, an independent filmmaker with the knowledge to prove it. By exploring and then specializing in filmmaking’s key creative disciplines, you’re ultimately able to step onto any film set and make a difference.

As a director, you guide a film from start to finish, working closely with every department to ensure that the creative vision is realized and the story perfectly told

Fine art meets technical know-how in cinematography, which combines cameras, lights, and a true artist’s eye in developing and achieving a film’s look.

A producer needs to be a passionate creative force while managing the production every step of the way and keeping a film on track and on budget

Production design is about creating fascinating, believable, and meaningful worlds – the sets, locations, props, and other details that make for a living, breathing story

The process of making a film doesn’t end on the set. The editor is a true storyteller who takes an active role in shaping the audience’s experience.