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Admissions open for session 2017 – 2018

The natural world around us is full of objects shapes, sizes, forms, colours,and lines. Perhaps this fired the imaginations of our ancestors to represent them in sketches and paintings. And slowly, the human mind started making images out of its own feelings in its mind and started drawing fantastic imagery on a canvas. Thus, to paint even abstract forms, the journey begins by looking at nature first, and then representing them on a canvas.

The course is designed to give expression to one’s visual thoughts on a canvas. To develop one’s drawing skills, one will go through various exercises aimed at improving their skills to represent nature’s designs on paper. Textures and colour will be added later to the practice so that you grow as an artist to represent your mental images better. Slowly one will explore one’s own emotional images and start representing them with a brush.

This will help in bringing out the creative self in the person which is hugely therapeutic in nature. This re-connection with one’s creative self within will manifest in other areas of one’s life.

Course Details

Title: Drawing & Painting

Duration: 6 Months

Centre: Dehradun

Skills Developed

  • Paint abstract forms
  • Represent nature on canvas
  • Express visual thoughts on canvas
  • Express emotions with a brush


  • A brief run down through the history of painting
  • Warming up exercise with freehand technique
  • Practice composition, silhouette, form, line and perspective of nature
  • Exploring texture, 3D elements, light and shade of nature
  • Discussion perspective, aspect and form
  • Enhancing basic sense of composition and filling the frame beautifully
  • Discussion on art as an expression of sublime emotions
  • Painting natural objects with water colours