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Admissions open for session 2017 – 2018

The Digital Arts Program at the SRILOK encourages students to combine new media and visual art theory with strong technical sophistication, a rich sense of visual design, and an ability to articulate artistic research. The program in digital arts emphasizes creative thinking, experimentation, visual communication delivery systems and intense research.

The Digital Arts Program offers classes in interactivity, video art, animation, installation, imaging, programming, design, and art and design history. The Digital Arts program focuses on research, production, and installation, in the context of a technologically sophisticated studio environment. The Digital Arts program seeks students who are willing to experiment and are capable of an intense standard of creativity. We emphasize insight, criticality and the ability to articulate complex visual and experiential ideas

Course Details

Title: Digital Art

Duration: 6 Months

Centre: Dehradun

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to digital painting and designing for animation with an emphasis on story telling. Course work will include designing backgrounds, characters and props using Photoshop. The course will also cover color theory, perspective and use of textures. Additionally, we will also focus on creating a portfolio that is catered to the entertainment industry.


TERM 1:Students familiarize themselves with photoshop (hot keys – how to make action buttons/brushes stuff like that). Talk about BW moving comp studies.

TERM 2:Rough color keys comp demo – talk about color theory how it applies to animation.

TERM 3:Demo the process of making thumbnails for composition and perspective – how to rough out a composition using Photoshop and utilizing short cuts like the transformation tool etc.

TERM 4:Finalize the sketch and clean up the drawing and start painting in color demo.

TERM 5:Demo Character painting robot/design using textures and how to utilize textures on a character.

TERM 6:Demo Character painting Monster/design using textures and how to utilize textures on a character.

TERM 7:Demo prop thumbnail and painting a prop design.

TERM 8:Final check on homework, talk about portfolio preparation for work and freelance.