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Admissions open for session 2017 – 2018

Animation and Multimedia Institute In Dehradun

Diploma course is available in Animation and Multimedia Institute Dehradun offered by Srilok Doon Films School that is highly focused in providing all the aspects of visual effects and animation. Animation and Multimedia Institute in Dehradun is specifically designed of three eminent such as Graphic Design and Web Design, 2D and 3D Animation and Post-Production techniques (both audio and video).

Diploma courses in Multimedia and Animation has been specified with covering complete aspects of Multimedia such as Interactive Media, Film Making, Print and Web Design.

Multimedia and Animation Institute in Dehradun are thoroughly professional in providing all the majors towards the student’s success that would take them through all the fundamentals of Animation & Multimedia like Animation, Graphics, Broadcast and Animation. In order to keep them acknowledged with the upcoming challenges in Animation and Multimedia industry.

Animation and Multimedia Courses in Dehradun comprises of the four majors

  1. Graphics Design
  2. Post Production (both video and audio)
  3. 2D Animation
  4. Web Design and Interactive Multimedia

Programme Schedules in Animation and Multimedia Institutes includes Course Duration of 24 months which is being scheduled for complete 3 Hours per 5 days a week. And if Course Duration has been set up for 12 months and is being scheduled of 5 Hours per 5 days a week.

Animation and Multimedia courses in Dehradun offers you various career options to go through once you get your diploma certificate or training completion in Animation and Multimedia.

  1. Graphics Designer
  2. 2D animator
  3. Web Designer
  4. 3D Animator
  5. Video Editor
  6. Motion Graphics Artist
  7. Sound Editor
  8. Compositor
  9. 3D modeler
  10. Rigging artist
  11. Texturing artist’ Lightning artist
  12. Lightning artist

After the completion of Animation and Multimedia course in Dehradun, it would follows a specifically personalized portfolio.

Graphics Design includes Hardbound, live project, design booklets, Digital Imaging, advertising campaigns, web UI designs, info-graphs, 360 degree design work etc.

Web Design includes web and digital portfolio including complete functional UI, web ad banners, landing page designs for email campaigns, simple mobile and web games, animated/interactive web sites etc.

2D/ 3D Animation comprising digital show reels for 2D Animation & 3D character Animation, Inorganic provided images for architectural 3d, games with providing top-notch of texture and lighting.

Post-Production (audio/video both) containing logo motions with synchronization, live motion composting, by making quality sound, completed Roto and Chroma exercise.

Srilok Doon Films School has one of the most skilled and professional trainers with updated ad innovative structure of the whole syllabus in multimedia courses in Dehradun along with an exceptional delivery model accompanied by the production and teaching. Srilok Doon Films School helps you to learn more from inside as well as outside. All the courses available in Animation and Multimedia Courses in Dehradun help in making it student’s successful career. Doon films School deals with bringing an access of good knowledge with providing maximum training hours for animation and multimedia course in Dehradun. This Animation and Multimedia Institutes in Dehradun provides 100% placement assistance after the completion of the animation and multimedia courses.